Stainless Mounting Bracket & Knives Rack for MG – 5000’s, 4500’s and 1000’s
  • This Master Grade Mounted unit was designed based on British Navy specifications.
  • Made of durable stainless steel
  • It holds knife sharpener and stores knives.
  • Mounted to the level comfortable for you to sharpen your knife
  • Installed it at location you want and easily reach for anytime sharpening.
  • Knife sharpener on picture is not included
  • Speed up your work in any day
  • Size: L X W X H : 12.3″x6.8×12.3″
  • Made in Taiwan

When operating the MASTER GRADE electric knife sharpener, hold it with your left hand and hold the knife with your right hand, see picture below.



Stock # Description
KS-5000 Mounting bracket and stainless steel knife storage with plastic film over the stainless steel surface for protection.(Please remove plastic film before use.)

British Navy Specs Knives & Sharpener Holder

KS-5000 stainless mounting bracket and knives storage for commercial and outdoor model


KS-5000 mounted unit with sharpener and knives